Kavagal Bearwrestler

Goliath Barbarian - Level 4

Kavagal Bearwrestler comes from what his people refer to as the 'Swordtooth' mountains. Once, part of the secluded Goliath society, this gritty but lovable giant somehow managed to get exiled from his peoples sacred land. He now lives a life of adventure, hoping to find another place to call home. Though he may sometimes be ignorant to things like magic and social customs, he has quickly adapted to life in the wilds, finding himself to be resourceful and dependable to his fellow travelers, even if he can sometimes be distracted by self-indulgence. 

Kavagal has had very few friends in his life, so he defends the ones he does have with all his might. He not only worries about their physical safety, but also their mental and emotional state as well. Kavagal has a heart that rivals even the strongest of Goliath muscles. 

Recently, Kavagal has realized that his perceptions of others can sometimes be skewed by his past experiences, so he is trying his best to keep an open mind while working to better understand the vast world around him, and the people in it. 

Barlowe Varr

Human Cleric - Level 4

Barlowe Varr was only 6 when he moved to the Umier (Ohh-Meer) Temple. His father, who was his only family, had become terminally ill, and Umier had become know as a place for the sick and dying to call home, in the hopes they may find peace in their final days.

He quickly grew close to the church, and eventually became one of it's most trusted members. He was so trusted, that when monsters from the nearby forest started attacking the temple, they asked him to take the holy text of Kelemvor away from Umier, in the hopes he could find a safer home for it.

Barlowe's life is one of service. Both to his deity Kelemvor, and to his fellow man. He quickly develops bonds with people that can take others years to achieve. Nothing is more important to him than the sanctity of life, and his morals and faith is undoubtedly what protects him the most.


Dragonborne Fighter - Level 4

Grif's background is a mystery, even to him. His earliest memory is being raised by mercenaries on the outskirt of the wilds. They roamed the boarder of the wilds, doing whatever jobs the could to get enough provisions to survive. This went on for years, but Grif never seemed satisfied. There were always bigger things on his mind.

Eventually, during one of his more dangerous adventures, Grif had a vision. A great beast, flying in the sky. More massive than anything he had seen before, scorching the ground below it with fire. It was the first time Grif felt anything familiar, but the destruction the beast caused concerned him. Grif left his group, and became a butcher in one of his favorite villages. However, this excursion was nothing more than a minor distraction, and Grif once again found himself yearning to learn more about himself.

Grif is a very curious person, who tries to look at things rationally. He has perfect control over his emotions, but sometimes fails to read the emotions of others. This often causes friction between him and his companions, but it doesn't mean he cares for them any less.