Dec. 25, 2020

Christmas Special - A Christmas Carol Adventure

Christmas Special - A Christmas Carol Adventure
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This holiday season, our Knights take a break from their normal adventure to test out a holiday themed one shot created by Verge Games. It is titled "A Christmas Carol Adventure" and is inspired by the story written by the great Charles Dickens. Join us as we come together this Christmas to try to spread a little holiday cheer. Also, Modest Mouse, Flesh-Man!, Gen 9 Pokemon, Scooping Damage, Frosty's big mad, and James Spader.

Check out this one shot here! *This episodes is not sponsored by, nor are we affiliated with Verge Games. We just thought this one shot looked cool.

DM: Dale J. Madison
Edgar: Kohl King
Miser : Gage Damewood
Frosty the No'man : John Jackson

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