Knights of Degradation

Knights of Degradation

Knights of Degradation is a dungeons and dragons audio adventure! Our world is one of lost history and forgotten ancestry, with characters as deep and complex as the land they travel. Knights takes an actual play D&D game, and edits it with music, voice overs, and high quality sound effects to create a unique listening experience. We also have weekly discussions about various topics, including our own personal experiences with Dungeons and Dragons and how D&D culture has changed over the years. Sometimes we also play board games!

Recent Episodes

Knights Chat: Gaming with Your Spouse; Featuring Dakota Madison

Nov. 2, 2022

In this Knights Chat, we welcome one of the Dames of Degradation, Dakota. She and Dale discuss how playing D&D together has strengthened their relationship, and what issues come up when you're gaming with your spouse. Check …

Episode 21 - Last Days in Odlot

Oct. 26, 2022

Our heroes spend their last days in Odlot. The Knights of Degradation are back! Be sure to check out our new website , and our updated Discord server. We now offer Memberships for those who want to support what we do and get…

Knights Chat: Problem Players and Character Relationships

Oct. 12, 2022

In this Knights Chat, we discuss how we deal with "problem players," and think back to times where we were the ones causing problems. We also talk about our own characters, and their relationships with each other. Be sure to…